Top 5 Underrated Patriots Players That Went Unnoticed Many Times Because Of The Position They Play

There are many players who have contributed towards the New England Patriots’ many Super Bowl wins. While players like Stephon Gilmore, Julian Edelman, and Tom Brady are often talked about, there are some who fly under the radar.

Those players whose names we don’t see in the headlines very often have very important roles with the team. New England’s historic defense this season was peppered with talent, all of which were kept in the dark because of players like Gilmore, Devin McCourty, Kyle Van Noy, and Jamie Collins Sr., all of whom made flashy plays on that side of the ball and thus drew the attention of fans watching. 

On the other hand, the offense didn’t have a lot of flashy players except for long-time Patriots Tom Brady and Julian Edelman. With that being said, let’s talk about the players who contributed to the Patriots’ record this season:

Lawrence Guy – he is a very good defensive lineman whose power and force made him a threat on the field. Over the past two years, he has turned into the Patriots’ top run stopper. Much like defensive tackles of the past, he is amazing in more than one position.

James Develin – he played a very big role with the Patriots in their playoff run last year. He made so many openings for both Rex Burkhead and Sony Michel. Develin spent this season on injured reserve but we hope he will be back for the next season.

Joe Thuney – even though he isn’t that much talked about player, he is expected to get a very big contract this offseason.

Adam Butler – he is a quiet force on the defensive line. What he has done with the Patriots will not go unnoticed as he has been turning into a very good player recently.

John Simon – probably the most under-appreciated Patriot. He ended up on the team because of his talent, but most of all his ability to set the edge.

We can’t wait to see what the next season will be like for these players.

We do hope that all of them will decide to stay with the Patriots and help them win the seventh title.