Gronk Shares The ‘Strangest’ Thing He’s Ever Seen Tom Brady Eat

Rob Gronkowski spent his entire NFL career catching passes from all-time great Tom Brady. He decided to retire last year, shortly after he and the New England Patriots won Super Bowl LIII.

Since Gronkowski spent a lot of time with Tom Brady, you can count on him knowing some of Brady’s secrets to longevity. During a recent interview, Gronk opened up about Brady’s eating regimen and shared:

“He’s strict for sure. He does a great job with his diet, you’ve got to give him credit. I don’t even think it’s strange anymore. I think it’s just normal because I do, kind of, like to eat that way too.”

Gronkowski shared that he saw Brady earing avocado ice cream:

“I would definitely say that was strange, but then I had it and then I didn’t think it was strange anymore. It’s pretty good. You can’t judge until you try it! I had it and I was like, ‘Dang, now I see why, man. This is good.’”

Gronkowski is about to have a party for Super Bowl LIV even though his former team is not playing in the game this year. He is often associated with partying and drinking, and in a recent interview he shared that he is not all about that:

“There is no doubt I like to have fun. I like to dance, I like to be silly, but I would say that there’s a little misconception about to what level that is. I would definitely say it has changed over my career. I wouldn’t say I’m a different person [now], but I would say I have a different style of having fun and partying. When I was in my young twenties, it was a whole different ball game. You grow up, things change, your decisions change. Things affect you differently than what they would have when you’re younger.”

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