Smith Wants Kellerman To Apologize For Being Brady’s Biggest Hater And For Criticizing Him

Max Kellerman has been waiting to see Brady fail for years now. Once the Patriots lost to the Tennessee Titans in the wildcard round of the playoffs, everyone knew what Kellerman would say about the veteran quarterback and his performance.

During an episode of ESPN’s First Take, Kellerman explained that he thinks Brady should retire after his most recent defeat. Stephen A. Smith immediately disagreed with his co-worker, saying that he finds his argument to be “asinine” and “ridiculous.” Smith said:

“Here’s the reality of the situation: It is blasphemous, it is hideous, it is very disrespectful what you have said to this man, and you owe this man an apology,” Smith told Kellerman, jokingly. “I want to state this for the record, that man Max Kellerman owes that damn Tom Brady an apology, OK? You see the weapons that this man was bereft of, that he had available to him. I’m going to remind you, reiterate, regurgitate this point that I’ve made on this show on many, many occasions, but I’m going to bring it up again: We have an individual in Antonio Brown, that was accused of what we all know he was accused of, and Tom Brady, with the beautiful wife and kids, invited this man into his home. That’s how desperate he was for receivers. He didn’t sit up there and say, ‘I want you in uniform.’ (He said), ‘I’m willing to give you room and board for free. Come on home.’

“… I understand the argument that everybody can’t be all-world,” Smith added. “But when you take into account that N’Keal Harry was a relative rookie, that Julian Edelman was never 100 percent this year and the other weapons simply weren’t there, what do you expect of this man to do? Now, if this man had an elevated level of weapons available to him and he looked this way, I’ve got no problems. But I don’t care if it’s Peyton Manning, to Johnny Unitas, to Brett Favre and beyond, I have never seen a quarterback throw to himself. The fact is he doesn’t have any help.”

And about Brady’s retirement, Smith was adamant that he doesn’t want to see the quarterback call it quits:

“Hell no he shouldn’t retire. Hell no. This man needs to come back and he needs to remind the world. … A lesser version of Tom Brady, with weapons, is still a top-10 quarterback in this league.”