Magic Johnson Takes Credit For Lakers’ Success

Magic Johnson shocked everyone when he revealed his decision to resign as the Los Angeles Lakers’ general manager. But what shocked everyone the most was how unprofessional he was at doing so.

The Lakers had a very unsuccessful last season. They didn’t even manage to qualify for the playoffs, making fans throw accusations at the players, coaching staff, as well as the coaching staff. Due to all this, Johnson decided to announce his resignation prior to the team’s final game of the season. He talked at a pregame news conference, where he informed media before he told his boss and longtime friend Jeanie Buss, or anyone else within the Lakers organization.

The 2018/19 season was bad for everyone within the Lakers organization. For James, this was the first time since his second season in the league that he didn’t make the playoffs. It was awful and it made the Lakers’ front office realize that changes needed to be made. To top it all, the Lakers were unable to strike a deal with the Pelicans for Anthony Davis, further convincing them that there was no salvation for the team.

Soon after, Johnson accused the Pelicans of not dealing in good faith and ended with a roster full of role players who knew they had been dangled as trade bait. This ruined relationships within the organization, causing more problems than the public knew about.

After such a dramatic season and an even more dramatic exit from Johnson himself, he came forward to say: “This team would not be in the position it’s in without me.”

Well.. not quite, Johnson. The Lakers made a change in the coaching staff and the roster to build the strong team they are today. Frank Vogel has been an excellent coach, LeBron James and Anthony Davis are unstoppable, and all this has taken place after Johnson’s exit.