Draymond Green Slams Blazers Coach For ‘Cheating the Game’

The Golden State Warriors were handed their 24th defeat of the season last night as the Portland Trail Blazers prevailed over them. It’s safe to say no one on the Warriors was happy about the outcome of the game, but Draymond Green took it more serious.

After the game, Green walked into the visitor’s locker room at Moda Center with a message for anyone within an earshot of the veteran forward. He said:  

“Asking for a delay of game don’t help you in the playoffs!”

What Green’s talking about is a play that happened with 5:22 left in the fourth quarter when the All-Star forward was set to check back into the game. Flanked with heating pads on both knees, Green was late for the substitution, which is why a Blazers assistant coach asked for a delay of game. This made Green shout out obscenities towards the Blazers’ bench. 

Green’s comments take place about two weeks after Thunder guard Chris Paul pointed out that Timberwolves forward Jordan Bell had an untucked jersey as he checked in late in an eventual 139-127 Oklahoma City win. In that situation, Paul’s actions took the game into overtime. After the game, he said:

“Yeah, I told them his jersey was untucked. I know the rules.”

Green took this very personally, considering the history between the two players. Over the past few years, Green’s team has beaten Paul’s team three of four postseason matchups, including last season’s Western Conference finals, when the Warriors beat the Rockets in six games, building a contentious competitive relationship. Green went on to say:

“Those that cheat the game don’t win in the playoffs. Monkey see, monkey do. ‘I see one guy ask for a delay of game and get it, then I’ma ask for one.’ S–t’s weak. But that’s the league we in. Everyone cheating the game, whether it’s cheap-a– fouls or asking for a delay of game.”