Kevin Garnett Says The Celtics Broke LeBron in 2010 ‘We didn’t give a f*** about LeBron’

Back in 2010, the Boston Celtics went up against LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round of the NBA playoffs. The Cavaliers were unable to stand the challenge and were eliminated. This all would cause LeBron James to make the decision to leave the Cavaliers and sign with the Miami Heat that summer.

The Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett talked about that particular game in 2010 and how it set the stage for the memorable seven-game clash between the Celtics and Heat in the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals:

Garnett said: “The C’s, we didn’t give a f–k about LeBron. The league knew that they had an agenda in which we wasn’t part of the agenda. You understand? Right. And that’s how they ended up winning that series. Yeah, I said it.”

After the 2012 failed season for the Celtics, Garnett went on to sig with the Brooklyn Nets and the Timberwolves, his original team, before retiring in 2016. On the other hand, LeBron played with the Heat until 2014, when he decided to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2016, he was able to get them their first championship title but left the team in 2018 to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

At the moment, LeBron is playing his second season in Los Angeles and is putting up really good numbers. At the age of nearly 35, he looks better than he has in a while. Together with teammate Anthony Davis, they have been able to put the team at the top of the Western Conference with a record of 24 wins and 4 defeats.

Last night, the Lakers fell to the Indiana Pacers 105-102 and will need to redeem themselves in the upcoming games. We hope to see them advance to the Finals and compete for the title, something that we know LeBron is set on winning this year.