Video: Stephon Gilmore Randomly Asks a Patriots Staffer For Beef Jerky

The New England Patriots had a game against the New York Giants last Thursday and again, the Patriots’ defense did their thing to secure a team win.

At the very beginning of the game, Daniel Jones hit Darius Slayton on a comeback route up the left sideline for a gain of 9 yards in front of cornerback Stephon Gilmore. In the rest of the game, no one would make a catch near Gilmore. Gilmore, who has been impressive throughout the season, went into full lockdown mode from that point forward. This was once again a reminder why he is called the greatest cornerback in the game right now.

During that game, NFL Films had an “iso cam” on Gilmore that resulted in some pretty fascinating footage. The best part, however, has to be when Gilmore asks a Patriots staffer for … beef jerky.

Gilmore has been an understated player over the course of his career, so getting this kind of public endorsement should go a long way in turning some heads around the country. He is one of just four Patriots cornerbacks to ever earn First-Team All-Pro honors.

Gilmore has received a lot of praise recently from many. Head coach Bill Belichick has also been very impressed with him this season, as he stated recently:

“Yeah, Steph, he does it every day in practice and does it on Sundays. He does such a great job playing the ball and had some good breaks. That last play down the sideline was a really good finish where the receiver had the ball and he got it on the way down, but he had some great pass breakups. I mean, look, he’s a very talented player and works extremely hard to prepare for the game, study his opponents and study the passing game that our opponents are going to run. This is a good example here on a short week of how diligent he works and it paid off. He’s done a great job for us.”

We can’t wait to see how the rest of the season goes for Gilmore!