Stephen A. Smith Describes Demaryius Thomas As ‘Delusional’ For His Comments Ripping The Patriots

Demaryius Thomas recently came forward to share his thoughts on his short journey with the New England Patriots. As the Jets are getting prepared to go up against the Patriots, Thomas is getting prepared to go up against his former team.

During an interview about the upcoming game, Thomas called the situation with the Patriots “insulting” and “a waste of time.” Well, Stephen A. Smith has a little something to tell Thomas and he’s not going to like it. In a recent episode of First Take, Smith called Thomas delusional:

“I call him delusional because his complaints about the Patriots — you appear to be the only individual who didn’t know any better. The fact of the matter is you’re not a star any longer, and when you’re not a star and you’re not a high-end producer or you’ve played in three games and you have nine receptions for 108 yards on the season and it’s been years since you’ve had a 1,000-yard season, what the hell do you expect?”

This comes after Thomas said this about the Patriots:

“It was insulting, for sure. Once I got cut [on August 31], I could have just come here [to the Jets] and not stayed there and [re-signed]. When they re-signed me, I was thinking that I was good. Two weeks later, I was gone. So, it’s like, ‘Why did I waste my time?’ Because at the end of the day, it was kind of a waste of time for me.

“It was disrespectful to me. Like, you know, you could trust me and I could trust you. You told me when you cut me at the [final] cut, sit around you’ll bring me back. And I stayed. I could have easily become a Jet once I got cut…I could have been here the next day after I got released. But I chose to stay.”

We will see Thomas and the Jets go up against the Patriots next Monday!