Rob Parker ‘More Convinced Than Ever That The Patriots Will Not Make The AFC Championship Game’

If you are a fan of any other team besides the New England Patriots, you’ve probably got used by now to see your team lose. Over the past two decades, the Patriots have dominated the league, making nine Super Bowl appearances and winning six titles total. Ever since Tom Brady and Bill Belichick joined the team, they have been adding one success after another.

This year, the Patriots are off to an amazing start. They are 6-0, with chances of getting further through the season without getting a defeat. It’s amazing to see what Tom Brady can do at the age of 42, but not everyone can appreciate that. For example, FOX analyst Rob Parker has always been against the Patriots. Even after seeing them dominate the league yet again, he came forward to say that they are “the worst 6-0 team I’ve ever seen.”

During an interview after the last game the Patriots played, Parker spoke about how they are undefeated due to playing against the worst teams in the league. He is still convinced that the Patriots will fail to reach another Super Bowl:

“Tom Brady has three touchdown passes in the last three games, all against God-awful Washington. Didn’t have one against Buffalo, and didn’t get one against the sad Giants. He had two fumbles and lost one last Thursday night versus the Giants, and had a terrible interception. Besides his QB sneaks, he looked 42. That’s a bad offense, and there’s no degree of difficulty with the bad teams they’ve beaten up.

“IT’S PATHETIC. They are the worst 6-0 team I’ve ever seen in the NFL and I’m not impressed. The one good team they played, Buffalo, they struggled against. I’m more convinced than ever that the Patriots will NOT make the AFC Championship Game.”

Hasn’t Parker learned by now that the negative comments only make the Patriots more driven to win games?!