Redskins Players Explain Why They Love Exchange Jerseys After Games

Tress Way envisions himself as a man who would have an office even though he really doesn’t need one but he wants on. His idea of a nice office is not just having a computer or a chair with solid back support or a fancy stapler. His idea of an office is having somewhere to hang all his jerseys.

As you probably know by now, Way has had a tradition of swapping jerseys with opponents following games. Between the uniforms he has hanging in his locker at the organization’s Ashburn practice facility and the collection he’s developed in past seasons, he now has even more jerseys that could be put in his future office.

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Everyone has different ideas about what jerseys they would want to have in their collections. Some look for guys who come from the same college as them, others want to acquire them from anyone who grew up in a certain area.

Tim Settle recently told reporters that he doesn’t go into games thinking about it, but if he takes a picture with someone, he’ll offer to make a trade on the spot. However, he does have something in mind when it comes to what to do with all those jerseys:

“My whole house is going to be jersey’d out. It’s something that you get to work on, you’re building something. It’s every man’s dream to have a nice, little decked-out man cave.”

Way wanted to ask Brady to switch jerseys after their recent game, but was afraid of being rejected:

“I’m terrified of that, that’s why I never asked Tom Brady to switch. I thought about asking Tom, ‘Tom, I know you look up to my game, I look up to your game.’ I was afraid of that rejection. Same with Brees that day that he broke the record against us [in 2018]. ‘I know you look up to me, I look up to you. Maybe we could switch.'”

On the other hand, Settle said:

“They’re part of memories, too. This is a dream. Trading jerseys with somebody you grew up with or played with or you look up to or that you want to meet, I’m all for it.”