Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Will Partner With Rob Gronkowski’s CBD Company

Robert Kraft has been keeping a close eye on Rob Gronkowski even after the tight end retired from the game of football. After he heard about Rob Gronkowski’s CBD company, Kraft decided that he wants to partner up with them.

The superstar former tight end will hold a press conference Oct. 24 to announce his partnership with Kraft’s company, Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place in Foxboro, it was recently reported.

When he came forward to promote CBDMedic, a CBD-based ointment, Gronkowski shared that it really helped him in healing his body from all the injuries it had sustained. During the promotion, Gronkowski also spoke about a possible return to football if he feels ready in the future:

“I feel great, and I am pain-free. I truly believe I can get to another level with my body, and I’m just in the first stage right now. And when that time comes down in the future, if I have the desire to play football again, if I feel passionate about football again, if I feel like I need to be out there on the field, I will go back to football.

“But as of right now, that is not the case. It could be the case in six months. It could be the case in two years. It could be the case in three years. It could be the case in three months. But I truly don’t see it in the foreseeable future, in, like, a week or a month.”

He finished off by saying:

“Mentally wise, desire wise, it’s not there. My mind, my soul keeps telling me, ‘You need more time off.’ When I feel like my body’s top-notch, my soul, my mind, mentally, physically, I’m ready. Then I will go back to the NFL — if I ever get to that point.”