Anthony Davis Has Been ‘Going into crazy positions’ to Avoid Injuries

Anthony Davis was granted his wish when the New Orleans Pelicans traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers. There, he will be teaming up with LeBron James to compete for the championship title.

One of the things that Davis will not want to see happen is to suffer an injury. Even though basketball players are prone to injury every time they step on the court, Davis has been doing everything possible to avoid suffering even a minor injury:

“I’ve watched how a lot of people get hurt during the seasons, and obviously that’s something we all dread, and so I’m training to find ways to prevent that. I’m going into crazy positions. I’m trying to maximize my strength in these awkward positions. That way, when I’m in those positions with a lot of load or someone is pushing me, my body and my ligaments and tendons can handle it.”

During an earlier interview, he said that he has been using the offseason to work on his three-ball:

“So this summer I improved the most on my three-ball. I wanted to be able to stretch the floor at the big (spot). The game is definitely going that way now. My shot I think was 30-something percent last year, I can’t remember, but I for sure want to get that in the high 30’s … I think by me doing that I’ll be able to help the Lakers as much as possible and help us win games, and hopefully a championship.”

The goal Davis has in mind in winning a title for his team:

“That’s our main goal. We want to come in and make sure that we have one goal, and that’s to come together and win a championship.”

With competition being a lot tougher this year, the Lakers will have their work cut out for them but we think they will be able to reach the Finals and compete for the title!