Rob Gronkowski Says He Had 9 Surgeries, 20 Concussions 5 Blackouts Playing Football

There were reports that Rob Gronkowski was considering retirement far before he actually made the announcement. Even though he is young and could play for many more years, his many injuries caused him to cut his NFL career short.

Since the retirement announcement was made, fans have been trying to figure out if Gronkowski would ever return to play another season. During a recent interview, he discussed his future, the safety of his favorite game, and other personal topics. He explained:

“I would let my son play football, but I would educate him on the game and educate him on what I went through, and I truly believe that any injury that you receive is fixable. I went through and had nine surgeries. I probably had like 20 concussions in my life. I remember five blackout ones.”

During the interview, Gronk was asked if he would consider returning to the NFL to play in a different position. He said:

“That is a good question. A lot of people are like, ‘Are you going to come back as a wide receiver?’ I’m going to tell people that I’m going to be a safety or something — a 6’6′ safety. But it is the same answer I had with everyone, I have to feel it to come back, too. I am in a good place right now.”

When he stopped playing professional football, Gronkowski lost about 15-20 lbs:

“The first few days are a grind. But, I have learned that if it is a grind it is going to be satisfying in the end. You know? It is like working out. Sometimes you are in the workout but if you just fight through it and then half an hour later you are done and you are like I feel good. I can do anything, let’s go. That is kind of the same thing. Now, I feel great. I feel faster and I feel like I can think.”