Tom Brady Opens Up On His Relationship With His Twin Sister’s Husband

Tom Brady is the youngest child in the Brady family. He has a few older sisters, one of which is married to Kevin Youkilis.

Julie Brady, who is the twin sister of Tom Brady, has been married to Youkilis since 2012. They had a quiet ceremony with their close friends and family in Weston, Massachusetts. When talking about it, Kevin explained:

“It was definitely the greatest off day of my life. It was a lot of fun, good times. I know there has been some rough times with baseball, but – I don’t usually talk about this – but it’s something good and I wanted to share.”

Even though Brady is younger than Julie, he told her to slow down at the beginning of her relationship with Youkilis:

“I had told him, ‘I think I may go see him (Youkilis).’ And he (Brady) goes, ‘If I were you, I’d move as slow as molasses.’ And I go, ‘But Tommy, that means you don’t move at all,’ and he goes, ‘Exactly!’”

However, the relationship between Tom and Youkilis has gotten better over the years. A while back, Youkilis opened up about it and said:

“Well, I can say I’m his only brother right now, so that’s a cool thing. We always joke about that: the brother you always wanted, and I’m like, ‘I don’t know if you wanted me as a brother, but you didn’t have a choice in this matter now.’ He’s great. It’s pretty fun. I ask him questions. I even asked a question about coming to New York: ‘Could you ever be a Jet or a Giant?’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t know. Luckily I’m not in your shoes.’ And I’m like, ‘Thanks a lot for your advice, buddy!’”

Since both Brady and Youkilis are good people, we think that they could go on to be friends for many years to come.