Gisele Bundchen Dropped An Interesting Post About Judging Others

The New England Patriots decided to sign Antonio Brown to the team earlier this week. As soon as he signed his contract with them, some sexual assault accusations were made against him.

After Brown agreed to join the Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady offered to let the All-Pro wideout stay with him until he gets settled in New England. However, the allegations were made and now we don’t know where Brady stands on having Brown in his house. But Gisele has made an interesting Instagram post that might have been inspired by Brown. She wrote:

“It’s easy to make quick judgments about someone, but what a person shows to the world can be just a tiny piece of themselves. We never know what someone is really going through, all their challenges, pain and scars. That’s why it’s important to be loving, kind, respectful and treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.”

For one, we know that Brady was all for Brown joining the team. Before Sunday’s game in Foxborough, play-by-play man Al Michaels passed on a message from Kraft and explained: “Kraft told me that when he broke the news to Tom Brady, Brady initially said, ‘I’m a hundred percent in.’ Two minutes later, Tom came back and said to Kraft, ‘I’m a thousand percent in.’ Then he came back two minutes later and said, ”I’m a million percent in.’”

When Brady was asked about his comment to Kraft, he explained: “I think everybody’s excited to add great players. It helps everybody when you have great players that are sharing the burden of a tough football season. I think, like anything else, whether it was Josh last year or Phillip when he got here a few years ago late, and then this year Antonio, how much can you learn and process and get in here? And we’re all going to work hard and try to get up to speed as fast as possible.”

It looks like Brown has the Bradys’ on his side on this one!