‘One time we were in camp…’ Rob Gronkowski Shares A Story About Brady’s Maniacal Love For Football

If you are a football fan, then you probably know by now that one of the most dedicated players to ever play the game is Tom Brady. Entering his 20th season in the NFL at the age of 42, Brady is still committed to playing football at the highest level possible.

However, this season he will have to find a replacement for his go-to receiver as Rob Gronkowski decided to call it quits shortly after the 2018 season ended. Even though he is retired, Gronkowski is still very close to Brady and has the greatest of respects for him.

During his ongoing media tour, Gronkowski did an interview with Ian Rapoport and talked about something that we didn’t know about Brady up until now. His story puts Brady’s love for football on full display:

“One time we were in camp, and he stayed in for the special teams meeting. He’s on no special teams or anything, and he’s taking notes, and I’m like ‘Man, this guy just loves football so much’ and you gotta respect that, and that’s an awesome feeling. He’s the best out there, hands down.”

Gronkowski recently discussed coming back to the league sometime in the future. He laid out a list of demands for Brady if he ever wants to get his no.1 tight end back:

“I’m gonna be doing his treatment, doing his pliability, and if he comes over and rubs some CBDMedic on me, then I’ll feel twice as good then and I’ll be ready to go. There would have to be some rules, like ‘All right, am I just showing up to the game? Like, are you going to give me a game plan on Saturday? Do I have to stay at the hotel the night before?’ What if I just showed up to the game one day and just did the transaction?”

We hope Brady can make this possible so that we see Gronk back in the league.