ESPN NFL Analyst Damien Woody Says Andrews’ Absence Could Have a Big Impact on Quarterback Tom Brady

The New England Patriots did not expect that David Andrews would miss the entire 2019 season. He was placed on injured reserve yesterday after being diagnosed with blood cloths. This left the Patriots needing a new center only a week prior to the start of the new season.

Then, the Patriots announced that they had acquired Russell Bodine in a trade with the Buffalo Bills. In exchange for Bodine, they sent Buffalo a 2020 sixth-round draft pick. Now, Bodine will fill in for Andrews.

While he is an amazing center, ESPN NFL analyst Damien Woody thinks that it will take a while for Bodine and Brady to get used to playing together. During an interview, Woody explained:

“The chemistry that David Andrews and Tom has had is pretty substantial. Any time you take a beast like Andrews out of the offense and plug in a new guy, there’s going to be an adjustment. The offensive line is one of the most delicate positions in football, because the whole objective is to get five guys to play as one. And one of the reasons why the Patriots have been so successful up front, is they’ve had some continuity, particularly with their interior.”

Andrews has been playing for the Patriots since 2016 and he has become a key cog in an offensive line that had been ranked as the sixth-best in football entering 2019, according to Pro Football Focus. He was placed above Bodine in PFF’s list:

We will see how Bodine plays with the team in their upcoming workouts.

He entered the league in 2014 and started 64 games for the Bengals before signing with Buffalo in free agency last year. This offseason, Buffalo added many players to their team and left Bodine third on their depth charge. A move to the Patriots was the best thing that could happen to him at this point.