‘What’s so funny Edelman?’ Tom Brady And Julian Edelman Swap Playful Jests on Twitter

When the New England Patriots signed Julian Edelman in 2009, Tom Brady was already their quarterback. From there on out, Brady worked with Edelman and helped him become one of the greatest receivers in the league.

The New England Patriots‘ combination of Tom Brady and Julian Edelman has been one of the most historic offensive combinations in the NFL. They have risen to the ranks of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice or Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin. There have been other combinations like Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown or even Brady and Randy Moss that have been legendary, but they are not nearly as successful as Brady and Edelman are.

But Brady and Edelman are not only buddies while on the field. Their friendship extends further as they are great friends outside of their time together with the team.

Earlier this week, a video of Brady doing some kind of bizarre stretching routine hit the headlines. The video shows Edelman laughing at him, something that the quarterback noticed. He decided to post the clip on his Twitter profile while tagging Edelman’s Twitter account and asking him, “What’s so funny?”

Edelman took the bait and responded by saying: “Idk Mr. Miyagi you tell me.”

Brady and Edelman will be back together on the field this season. They will try to reach their fourth straight Super Bowl and hopefully win their seventh title.

Between Brady and Edelman, there has always been trust and consistency. This was also highlighted in Edelman’s new documentary which talks about all the way back to when he was drafted in 2009. Edelman worked really hard to prove to Brady that if he needed to work with someone, he would be available any time, anywhere. That bond is even stronger now, after celebrating three Super Bowl wins together.

We can’t wait to see these great friends winning games together in yet another NFL season. Make sure to tune in next week for the regular-season opener!