Tom Brady Sent A Message To Patriots’ Rookie Chase Winovich Threatening To Cut His Hair

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady might have finally reached the age when it seems okay to tell kids to cut their hair. It certainly does seem like it after these recent posts to hit the headlines.

During the team’s final preseason game against the New York Giants, Brady was standing behind Patriots linebacker Chase Winovich, appearing to braid his hair. He later went on social media to share the picture while adding the scissors emoji to imply a haircut is on the way.

The team’s most-seasoned veteran seems to be past his days of rocking the long hair. Now, he is trying to threaten his teammates in hopes of encouraging them to join in his short-haired trend. While most would crack under the pressure, we don’t think that Winovich will cut his golden locks.

When he first joined the team, Winovich said that he was very excited to be joining Brady and the Patriots:

“I am familiar. Tom [Brady] actually came back and spoke to our team and came back for a game and I got the chance to get a really cool picture with him shaking his hand. It’s just really great that he cares about Michigan enough to come back and share some wisdom that he’s been through throughout the years. I really look up to him just as anybody that’s played at Michigan does.”

He went on to say:

“Man, I’m speechless. It’s a great honor and I’m just very lucky. I’m feeling very blessed, surrounded by my closest family and friends, so it’s a very lucky position I’m in, very blessed.”

Winovich has been great during the preseason. With the regular season beginning next week, we can’t wait to see him out on the field. We hope that he will fit in with the current Patriots roster.