Skip Bayless Just Suggested Jarrett Stidham Might Replace Tom Brady in 2019

New England Patriots fans love Tom Bady and appreciate all that he has helped the team achieve. However, we have to face the reality that Brady is 42-years old and he will not be able to play in the league that much longer. That means that the Patriots need to look for someone to replace him. After watching the preseason, it looks like rookie quarterback Jarrett Stidham will be the one who will take over once Brady decides to call it a career.

Stidham has been all over the headlines since the preseason started. Now, even longtime talking head and sports analyst Skip Bayless has taled about him, saying that Stidham might be Brady’s presumed heir. During the team’s final preseason game against the Giants, he went on social media to share:

“Only Belichick: In the final preseason game, when most teams play nobody, he’s playing Edelman, Josh Gordon and Demaryius Thomas with rookie QB Jarrett Stidham. Does Belichick ever want this kid to look good, to quickly become the Next Brady, to make Tom Brady expendable.”

He also made a follow-up post that read:

“Jarrett Stidham wound up throwing 90 passes in 4 preseason games – about 23 attempts per game. Unheard of. Belichick is FAST-TRACKING him. Here he comes, Tom. Sorry you have to put up with this.”

During an episode of Undisputed, he told Shannon Sharpe:

“Bill Belichick has his new Jimmy G, his new next Brady. He has now fallen in football love with Jarrett Stidham. It’s very clear, especially after last night, that he is fast tracking Jarrett Stidham to replace Tom Brady next season, if not this season…”

We wouldn’t say that four preseason games are enough to call someone a replacement for the greatest of all time. After all, Brady is just a season removed from winning the league MVP award and less than seven months away from winning his sixth Super Bowl ring.