Maine Ice Cream Company Debuts New Flavor Inspired By The Patriots

A couple of months back, Maine-based Gifford’s Ice Cream announced that they will be work together with the six-time champions to create some new flavors.

While we imagined something more in the terms of Tom Brady Vanilla Goatsmilk or Julian Edelman Moose Tracks, we got an ice-cream flavor inspired by head coach Bill Belichick himself. It is called “Dough Your Job” and tasted like chocolate caramel footballs and cookie dough team up on a heavy fudge striped field of vanilla ice cream.

From what we’ve heard, it is so good that it put a smile on even Belichick’s face, as the start of the 2019 season approaches. It will be available to purchase at New England grocery stores beginning next week.

Gifford’s has been the official ice cream of the Boston Bruins since 2016 and created Power Play Fudge in honor of the team, which has since become one of the top bestselling flavors. They have been working with the Patriots for about five years so far.

Before collaborating with Gifford, the Patriots worked together Friendly’s. Jeremie Smith, manager of business development and external affairs at Kraft Sports + Entertainment in Foxborough said he does not disclose specifics of partnership agreements, but he was ecstatic when they were able to “fill that position with another iconic New England brand in Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream. We can’t wait to see, and more importantly taste, the Patriots-themed ice cream Gifford’s is planning to unveil at Gillette Stadium in August.”

Gifford’s began as a family business that started from Maine and evolved to North Carolina and as far west as Illinois. They currently have five ice cream stands in the state and are about to get a lot more traffic when they debut the new Patriots flavors. We can’t wait to try out all of them!