LeBron James Owned Company Filed For a Trademark For ‘Taco Tuesday’

It seems like Taco Tuesdays are the only thing on LeBron’s mind recently.

Every week, the NBA superstar posts a video of himself having tacos for dinner with his family or on the set of his new movie, Space Jam 2. More and more people have been talking about Taco Tuesdays, which is why the King decided he wanted to trademark his phrase.

Lawyer Josh Gerben explained that a company owned by James called LBJ Trademarks filed for a trademark for “Taco Tuesday” on Aug. 15. The trademark application said that James wants to trademark the phrase for “advertising and marketing services” through “indirect methods” that include social media and blogging. This comes a couple of days after the last Taco Tuesday video was posted on social media.

James didn’t post a Taco Tuesday video last week. Fans were surprised but they didn’t know what was the reason for James skipping on it. It turns out that the famous Los Angeles Lakers superstar was busy filming Space Jam 2 and couldn’t do the video. But we are all back on track this week as James has posted a brand new video saying: “Thought I forgot about y’all last week! NEVER!!!!”

Since Taco Tuesday has become the talk of the town, many celebs have expressed the desire to be invited to James’ house for dinner. One of the first who got the chance to eat tacos with James was Anthony Davis. He and James seem to be getting along really well with Davis also explaining:

“Yeah, I mean, we’ve been friends for a long time. We’re excited to play with each other on a team, go out there and compete. It’s something that’s special and it’s something that we definitely want to make sure we take advantage of while we’re both here.”

We hope the other teammates get the chance to join Taco Tuesday at the Jameses house.