‘L.A. is going to regret their decision’ Lonzo Ball Sent a Not-So-Subtle Message to The Lakers in His New Song

The Los Angeles Lakers shocked everyone when they announced LeBron James would be joining their team last offseason. The team had not played in the playoffs since 2013 and the last time they won a championship title was in 2010. James was expected to change all this if only the roster around him allowed it.

In his first season with the team, James went without another All-Star next to him and that contributed to him not being able to take the team to the playoffs. But ending the season early gave more time to the Lakers to consider their best options for this offseason. One of their most desired players was Anthony Davis, who they tried to trade for earlier this year. In an interesting twist of events, the Lakers were able to get Davis on their team for the cost of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks.

While his initial statement made it look like he was satisfied with the trade, Lonzo has released a song in which he left no room for interpretation on how he felt about the trade. In the song, he explains:

“You know I’m all about business
L.A. is going to regret their decision
Straight to the money, you know how we get it
We count up the cash and add up the digits.”

It has to be hard for a player to get traded just two years into his career, but it has to be especially hard for Ball, who spent his entire childhood as a Lakers fan. Of all the players that Los Angeles shipped to New Orleans, we suspect that no one wanted to spend their career with the Lakers more than Ball.

Now, he is set to have a good season after having a fully healthy offseason. Maybe he will make the Lakers regret trading him after all.