DeMarcus Cousins Unable to Turn Himself in On Warrant Because of ACL injury

There is a warrant out for the arrest of NBA star DeMarcus Cousins because of a domestic violence charge, but he may be having some trouble turning himself in for the same reason he is unlikely to play at all during the 2019-20 season.

It turns out that Cousins had surgery to repair his torn ACL and as a result has been unable to fly to Alabama to turn himself in. However, he does intend to cooperate with police but has not been cleared to fly, as he just had surgery on his left knee on Wednesday. Doctors have said that flying could put him at risk of blood clotting, so Cousins is working with authorities to find another solution.

Earlier this week, Cousins’ ex-girlfriend Christy West accused the basketball player of threatening to kill her over a dispute about whether or not the former couple’s 7-year-old son would be allowed to attend Cousins’ wedding. West gave audio footage to the police and claimed that Cousins threatened to “put a bullet through your f—ing head” when West said she was not going to let the boy go to Atlanta.

According to recent reports, she has also filed court documents in Alabama seeking a restraining order against the All-Star center. She believes that he might hire someone else to do the murder as she told police he made further threats to kill her “even if he didn’t have to get his hands dirty doing it” and once choked her during a previous dispute.

This comes only days after Cousins married his longtime girlfriend Morgan Lang in Atlanta. He gave her the dream wedding and didn’t allow his injury to ruin their day. Too bad some of his other actions might ruin their marriage.

The NBA and the Lakers are yet to share a statement on this story.