NFL Insider Says This Could Be Tom Brady’s Last Season With Patriots

The New England Patriots seemed a bit hesitant about giving quarterback Tom Brady a contract extension this year. With Brady turning 42 earlier this month, he doesn’t have that many years left to play. But between his new contract, which voids at the end of the season, coupled with him putting his Brookline house on the market, it looks like he might be saying his goodbyes to the Patriots.

Would the quarterback retire or go to a different team should 2019 be his last season in Foxboro is something that ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter talked about recently. During an interview, he explained:

“Well, (his contract is) going to be an issue that just hangs out there all year long. And I didn’t hear of any discord (in the negotiations), I’m not aware of any discord, I don’t think that that was a factor. I just think that — you know people forget that people have lives and they have families, and sometimes you want to do what’s best for your wife and your kids. And Tom is 42 now, and I’m sure that his family has sacrificed plenty for him to do what he’s done and to be as dedicated as he is to his job, to do it at the level he has. So, again, if it’s me just looking at it from the outside, I’m just reading the signs, right? His home is for sale, he’s on a contract that voids. I mean, it’s just saying, it’s just saying that this has the potential, one way or another, for this to be his last season in New England. 

“Let me repeat that: His home is for sale, his contract voids. It has the potential, I’m not telling you it will be, but I’m just telling you the elements are in place for it to be,” Schefter continued. “That doesn’t mean it will be, but isn’t that odd, all those things? Doesn’t that make you go, ‘hmm, that’s interesting.’ It makes me go, ‘hmm, that’s interesting.’ Again, we’ll see what he does, but I’m just telling you (the elements are there).

“Did I say he was leaving? No. Did I say it’s curious and interesting? Yes.”