‘It’s Easy For Me Now’ Patriots Tom Brady Told Ex-Kicker Jay Feely

The New England Patriots took a chance on Tom Brady years ago and came to realize they made the best decision in the history of the organization. Over the course of the past two decades, Brady has helped the Patriots reach nine Super Bowls and win six of them.

The secret behind Brady’s amazing resume is his work ethic. Now that Brady is just a couple of weeks from playing his 20th season, the game has gotten a little easier or at least that is what Jay Feely thinks.

Brady and Feely used to play together at the University of Michigan and have stayed close since their college days. When talking about the famous quarterback, Feely said that Brad is just focused on having fun:

“I just think he’s thrilled to be playing and thrilled to be out there. He’s at the point where he can just go have fun. And he did say to me this offseason one time, ‘It’s easy for me now. I’ve seen what every defensive coordinator can throw at me, I know the answers to the test before I take it. So why would I want to not play if my body’s going to let me? Because it’s easy now, compared to those first 10 years.’”

Feely went on to say that the 42-year-old is taking things year-to-year, but noted that he can’t see owner Robert Kraft ever letting Brady wear another team’s uniform. That turned out to be the case indeed as Brady recently signed a new two-year, $70 million deal with the team. When talking about his new contract, Brady said:

“I love playing quarterback here. I love this team, this organization, Mr. [Robert] Kraft, Jonathan [Kraft], Coach [Bill] Belichick, all of the coaches, all of the players. The focus is this year and what we’ve got to do. That’s where I’m focused, that’s all that really matters in the end. That’s what this team expects of me, to put everything into it, like I always have and I’m really excited for the year.”

Brady will play his 20th career season this year.