Kyle Kuzma Got Owned by NBA Stars For Absolutely Hideous Outfit

Kyle Kuzma was the only player aside from LeBron James that the Los Angeles Lakers decided to keep on their roster this offseason. They traded all their young players in order to get Anthony Davis.

It’s clear that Kuzma is an amazing player with a lot of skills but when it comes to his wardrobe choices, he has made some mistakes. Just recently, he went on social media to share a picture looking like this:

Donovan Mitchell and Jayson Tatum, both of whom were drafted in the same class as Kuzma, decided to make a little joke about the outfit in the comments in which Tatum said “this calls for an intervention in the group message.” Anthony Davis also made a comment saying “Man what the hell you got on!” Isaiah Thomas said “Cuh that ain’t it!!!! Come on bro. I thought u was from flint.”

Kuzma recently talked about how excited he is to play with the new and improved Lakers roster and shared his belief they will make the playoffs:

“Well, we’ve got to make the playoffs. That’s the most important thing. We haven’t made the playoffs in a couple years, so I think that’s the No. 1 goal right now.”

He also shared that he has been working hard to come back better than he’s ever been:

“I want to just do as much as I can. I’ve been working super hard this summer on my game and my body, so I’m expecting to have a big year.”

This offseason, Kuzma has been working together with Lethal Shooter to become an even better player. Last season, he averaged 18.7 points last season, second on the Lakers behind the King himself. But we have no doubt that he will be able to set a new high in the upcoming season. Nothing short of the best is expected from everyone on the roster!