LeBron James Partners Up With Rap Mogul Drake, Unlocks Doors North of The Border

Drake is the newest partner of LeBron James’s Uninterrupted, the digital platform run by the NBA’s biggest star and business manager Maverick Carter.

Now that James has expanded his platform to Canada, Drake is expected to become a part-owner and promoter for Uninterrupted Canada as he unlocks doors north of the border for James’ digital network. Drake will work with CEO Scott Moore and chief content officer Vinay Virmani. They are expected to allow Canadian athletes to speak directly to fans via video shorts and bypass the filtering voice of sports reporters.

Moore, a veteran Canadian sports broadcaster, talked more about this expansions in a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter:

“These are incredibly driven people who often have deep passions for things other than what sport they play.”

Drake said:

“Uninterrupted has been an incredible platform for athletes to tell their stories and connect with fans. I’m honored to partner with LeBron to bring Uninterrupted to Canada, a country that continuously supports innovation and creativity.” 

Maverick Carter, James’ friend and business partner, explained:

“We’ll focus on sports that people care about, and the empowerment of athletes around the world, because that’s a universal feeling and a universal truth.”

On the other hand, James himself stated:

“When we started Uninterrupted, it was to give athletes a platform where we could share our stories and connect with our fans in a way we never had before. It’s exciting to see that idea now leading a whole new era of athletes around the world feeling empowered to do more and be more.”

We can’t wait to see all the new projects that James and the company are working on. With their international expansion, they hope to be able to work with pro athletes with celebrity status in popular sports like cricket in India and soccer in the U.K. and Europe.