‘Tom Brady, he’s the guy’ Celtics Star Jayson Tatum Stopped By At Patriots Training

With the Patriots being the pride and joy of the city of Boston, other sports teams have to show their respects. Yesterday, for the Patriots’ 4th day of practice, Jayson Tatum and Celtics head coach Brad Stevens made a surprise appearance.

This is not the first time that Stevens attends training camp, He has been a Patriots fan for quite a while, but Tatum has not seen his city’s football team up close and personal. Tatum comes from St. Louis, so he was likely a fan of the Los Angeles Rams prior to coming to play to Boston. When he spoke about the Patriots yesterday, he said:

“I just appreciate everybody else in their own profession but especially in football. There are some things where we can relate, and some things are just totally different, so it’s cool to come and see it in person.”

Since Kyrie Irving and Al Horford departed from the team, Tatum has taken the role as the team’s face. He is joined by Kemba Walker and a few other players, but few are more important to the future success of the franchise as Tatum is.

Tatum also talked about meeting with Tom Brady for the first:

“Tom Brady, he’s the guy. Just to be able to interact with him and see how he goes about his business is cool.”

Before leaving the practice, Tatum talked about which of his Celtics teammates could contribute most to the Patriots:

“Semi Ojeleye would be a great defensive end or tight end. He’s about 6’6, 260, so he’d fit perfect out here.” 

While Tatum has a few more weeks before starting the next NBA season, the Patriots start their preseason in a week. It will be interesting seeing them back with all their new players. Make sure to tune in and watch their preseason games.