Day 3 Of Patriots Training Camp: Old-Timers Day

The New England Patriots went back on the field yesterday for yet another day of training camp. Before the practice session began, Nick Caserio spoke to the assembled media and announced that Sony Michel would return to the field after missing the first couple of days of camp.

Some of the media wanted to know more information on the open GM position for the Houston Texans but Caserio held firm and reiterated that his focus was on making this team better. He explained:

“Look, I’m in a great position. I’ve got a great opportunity each day to come in here and serve this team and this organization, and I enjoy doing that, and that’s what I’m excited to do. I’m going to continue to do that to the best of my ability.”

He went on to explain that Michal Bennett’s absence was not because of an injury but because of a personal reason and that out of privacy concerns, they wouldn’t discuss it. Also, he reassured everyone that Brady was given a free day just because the personnel thought it was a good idea, without it being related to an injury:

“Every day, we do what we think is best. Tom’s fine. I wouldn’t put too much stock in that.”

Another thing Caserio addressed Ty Law and Rodney Harrison, and he said that Saturday’s practice was going to be run-heavy with a focus on the running game. we didn’t see Michel and

While we did see Michel and Andrews back on the field, they didn’t get too involved in the play. Fans were very excited to see them as well as a couple more former Patriots players who made a surprise appearance. Randy Moss, Rodney Harrison, Rob Ninkovich, and Willie McGinest was appeared on the field and spent some time with coach Belichick and the players.