Baker Mayfield Was Convinced New England Would Trade Up For Him at No. 2

The New England Patriots have had a constant in Tom Brady, but with the quarterback turning 42 this year, they have to look for someone who will be able to succeed him should he retire soon.

According to reports, everyone in the league thought that Brady’s replacement would be Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. Before the 2018 NFL Draft took place, there were lots of rumors regarding Mayfield and things got a lot more heated when Mayfield’s agent publicly stated the Patriots had interest in trading up to draft the QB.

The Athletic’s Jeff Howe recently reported that Mayfield originally turned down New England because he didn’t believe the Patriots would be able to move high enough up in the draft from No. 23 to take the signal-caller. The Patriots were eventually able to get a meeting with Mayfield and show him that they were serious about trading for him. However, the trade never happened and Mayfield went to the Browns. Mina Kimes talked to Mayfield about everything that happened and reported:

“Until the day of the draft. Mayfield wasn’t sure the Browns would take him with the first overall pick. (For a while, he was convinced New England would trade up for him at No. 2.) He found the challenge of joining a long-struggling team — Cleveland’s last playoff appearance was in 2002 — exhilarating. ‘I wanted to come here and play and be the one to change it right away,’ he explains, snapping his fingers.”

Now, it looks like everything worked out for both the Patriots and the Browns. Mayfield had an amazing season with the Browns, turning the team around. On the other hand, Brady and the Patriots won yet another Super Bowl title – making this the sixth title in the team’s history. Brady is now set to begin his 20th season in the league at the age of 42, with no signs of hanging ’em up anytime soon.