Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mama Says She’s Not An ‘Unfit Mother’ And Wants Her Daughter Back After Being Taken Away

Famous rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot on a very public place a couple of months back, causing chaos and confusion in the moments immediately afterward.

The shooting of Hussle happened on March 31 outside of his Marathon clothing store in Crenshaw. It happened shortly after the rapper had a heated conversion with Eric Holder about snitching. The gunshots ended up taking Hussle’s life and shortly after, Holder was arrested for the murder. There was also a woman involved in the case as a getaway driver but she has been put under police protection as she claims to be fearful for her life.

In the aftermath of Hussle’s death, his family has been having a hard time coming to terms with him being gone forever. But headlines are now featuring a story about Hussle’s baby mama and her being an unfit parent. It has been reported that the baby mama is fighting his family that wants to keep custody of their daughter away from her, saying they’re denying her the right to see or speak to her daughter.

Tanisha Foster has told reporters that Hussle’s family has stopped providing for her, saying that that’s not what Nipsey would want. Now, she can’t pay rent, she’s been cut off financially and is in desperate shape. Even though she knows life will not be the same as before, she is going to work to the best of her ability to provide her daughter with everything she needs. Foster explained:

“If everyone was truly interested in doing what is best for Emani, they would treat me as her mother and not in the manner that they have.”

Hussle’s family has temporary custody of the daughter and the case is yet to go before a judge. It looks like the sudden death of the rapper has caused a lot of problems within the family. We just hope they will be able to work things out soon.