Tom Brady Tempted To Cut Chase Winovich’s Long Hair After Giving a Haircut To His Son

Chase Winovich is one of the lucky young prospects who earned himself a spot on the New England Patriots. Being a part of the defending championship team is something that every player wants, but not everyone can get.

Winovich went on social media to reach out to his fellow Michigan product about barber recommendations. Brady was thrilled about this, saying that he would gladly be the one to cut his hair:

“Me, that’s the first thing I thought about when we drafted you!!” 

While Brady is clearly very confident about his skills with the clippers, we are not sure if Winovich would want to put it all in Brady’s hands. When he first joined the team, Winovich said that he was very excited to be joining Brady and the Patriots:

“I am familiar. Tom [Brady] actually came back and spoke to our team and came back for a game and I got the chance to get a really cool picture with him shaking his hand. It’s just really great that he cares about Michigan enough to come back and share some wisdom that he’s been through throughout the years. I really look up to him just as anybody that’s played at Michigan does.”

According to experts, Winovich is a position to help New England’s pass rush in a great way. He is very excited to be joining the team:

“Man, I’m speechless. It’s a great honor and I’m just very lucky. I’m feeling very blessed, surrounded by my closest family and friends, so it’s a very lucky position I’m in, very blessed.”

We can’t wait to see how Winovich fits in with his new team. Training camp should begin in just a couple of weeks and we will see everyone from the team there for joint practices. It’s should be an interesting time for everyone, especially the rookies.