LeBron James Has A New Favorite Show, Shouts Out To Parents ‘Pay Attention To Signs’

This offseason is longer than the ones LeBron James is used to. For the first time since 2005, James did not play in the postseason but this has given him time to find some new hobbies – like for example watching his new favorite show. The NBA superstar went on social media to share that he is a fan of HBO’s thrilling new teen drama, Euphoria, tweeting his support for both the show itself and its star, Zendaya.

Making the move from Cleveland to Los Angeles has given James a chance to expand his media footprint. Not only does he still shine when he takes the Staples Center floor as a Laker, but he also scored an HBO show that has been a big success. James is also currently shooting the reboot of Space Jam called Space Jam 2.

Earlier this week, James went on social media to declare the importance of a show like Euphoria. He wrote:

“S/O lil sis Zendaya and the entire cast from “Euphoria”. Love love love that show. Super dope and a real perspective of what these teenagers have to do with daily. I know it’s a show but real life Parents please listen but more importantly just pay attention to signs!”

Married to his high school sweetheart, James is the father of two sons and one young daughter. Since his two boys are already teenagers making a name for themselves in the basketball world, it’s fitting that he would be a fan of the teen drama.

As soon as the tweet went up, Zendaya calmly responding to thank him for his kind words:

“Thank you for your love and support, appreciate you man.”

James went right back to post this:

This is not the first time that James express appreciation for the small-screen arts. He did the same with Netflix’s Ozark, which stars Jason Bateman.