Shaquille O’Neal Drops Music Video For His EDM Track With NGHTMRE & Lil Jon

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal has become DJ Deisel since finishing his career as an NBA player. Just recently, he dropped a music video that stars Lil Jon and DJ Nghtmre.

The announcement about the song was made a while ago. O’Neal took it to social media to share that he was collaborating with Lil Jon and DJ Nghtmre on a video for their song “Bang.” The video is now available on YouTube. Shot in Miami, this is a video that shows Marenyi ticking off items on his bucket list. The trio is shot taking part in a variety of seemingly unrelated things, such as spinning records at a club, playing hide and seek, relaxing with cucumbers on their eyes, doing taxes, and headbanging as well.

When talking to reporters about the video, Shaq said:

“Working with the Larry Bird of EDM, Nghtmre, plus the legendary Lil Jon was amazing. Those two are like brothers to me, and we all had a blast shooting.”

On the other hand, Nghtmre said:

“It was incredibly amazing to be able to spend time with Shaq and Lil Jon in Miami during Ultra week. We did a lot of random things, and I’m glad someone was there to document it. I think my favorite thing was either the staring contest with Lil Jon, or having to literally jump on Shaq to get him out of bed. I’ve looked up to these guys for such a long time, so it was a hilarious experience — 16-year old me would have been very proud.”

It’s really interesting to see Shaq as he makes a name for himself in the music industry. He has gained the respect from fellow DJs like Diplo, who told us back in February the NBA legend is “killin’ it” in his new career. Way to go, Shaq!