Watch Jules Do Perfect Bill Belichick Impression

Julian Edelman has become quite famous since winning his first Super Bowl MVP award on Super Bowl LIII. With three championship rings, he has a career that most players are envious of.

In addition to being a superstar on the field, Edelman will now become a star on television as well. His Showtime documentary “100%: Julian Edelman” has already become a huge hit. During a recent clip posted about the production of the show, Edelman said he didn’t want to get a call from Belichick and then proceeded to fall into the best impression of the Patriots head coach in the game currently. He said:

“Coach Belichick would probably say something like, ‘You know, we’re not in the program of making these kinds of things right now. It’s the National Football League. This isn’t Hollywood.'”

During another interview, Edelman talked about missing the 2017 season due to injury and starting the 2018 season late due to PED suspension. He explained:

“This story, it kind of is a microcosm of my life. Always having to battle, never being the No. 1 guy, never being the No. 1 draft pick, the guy that everyone’s looking at, this, that, having to go the long road, dealing with some adversity and kind of just battling yourself mentally because that’s some of the hardest stuff when you’re hurt as an athlete.”

Showtime explained the show like this:

“When injury and controversy threatened Julian Edelman’s NFL career, he returned to his father, an auto mechanic, to fix what was broken. 100% is an intimate behind the scenes look at the three-time Super Bowl Champion during a critical juncture in his life. After a dramatic victory in Super Bowl 51, Edelman suffered a devastating knee injury that forced him to miss the entirety of the 2017 season. The film joins Edelman as he attempts to overcome the challenge of a season ending surgery and PED suspension all while exposing the unorthodox origins that built him into one of the NFL’s most affable stars.”

We can’t wait to watch Edelman’s show!