The NFL Does Not Give Update on The Indefinite Suspension of Josh Gordon

The New England Patriots took a chance on Josh Gordon during the 2018 season. The Cleveland Browns receiver was known to have problems with substance abuse which is why not many teams wanted to pursue him after the Browns decided they were looking to trade him. But that was not a problem for the Patriots, who noticed that Gordon was a very talented player.

During the time he spent with the team, Gordon established himself as one of the best receivers on the team. It was really unfortunate when the league announced that he was being suspended indefinitely for substance abuse, not allowing the receiver to finish his season with the Patriots. Still, he is considered to have won a Super Bowl ring with the Patriots after they were able to win Super Bowl LIII.

Yesterday, the team’s quarterback posted a video on his social media, showing a training session with him and Gordon. This video by Brady started rumors that Gordon might be making a comeback on the team, but the NFL has still not made any kind of statement regarding this.

In March,NFL commissioner Roger Goodell talked about the possibility for Gordon to return later this year. He explained:

“I think I said this a couple months ago. The first thing right now is the focus on Josh himself as a young man and what he needs to do to get his life on the right track. That’s what our focus is. We have resources supporting that. That’s our hope — to make sure he gets on the right track. Once he gets on the right track, we’ll get to that place (of suspension talk). I think right now, he’s had a complete focus on ‘I’ve got to keep myself off the field in the right place before I can get back on the field.’”

We’d love to see Gordon back on the field during the 2019 season.