LeBron James ‘On His Way Out’ Lonzo is The New Face Of Lakers Says LaVar Ball

Besides being the father of three young and aspiring basketball players, LaVar Ball has made a name for himself for his notorious and quite often over the top comments.

One of LaVar’s sons, Lonzo, is currently playing alongside LeBron James in the Los Angeles Lakers. While it is clear that ever since he arrived in Los Angeles, James has been the face of the team LaVar argues that that title belonged and will continue to belong to his son. Referring to the time when Magic Johnson called Ball the face of the Lakers when he was picked No. 2 overall in the 2017 NBA Draft, LaVar said:

“Even Magic had the right thing to say that (Lonzo Ball) is the face of the Lakers.”

Colin Cowherd, who did the interview with LaVar, corrected him and said:

“Well, no, LeBron’s the face.”

But LaVar was adamant and went on to say:

“Listen to what I’m telling you. Magic had said that before LeBron even got there. You can say LeBron’s the face, but LeBron is getting old. That face is gone. Believe it or not, he’s on his way out. So, the best thing to do is hook up with this youngster that can play this game and has the same IQ. Lonzo is a talent and a player that LeBron has never had as a teammate which is a guy who is invested in winning and didn’t have all these other things on the outside looking in. What I mean by that (is the) fancy cars, the women, the nightlife. Lonzo is just about winning, be quiet, rapping, running and doing his thing playing basketball. You can see that Lonzo is not faking by like ‘Oh, he don’t really like basketball. He’s just in it for the money.’”

According to recent rumors, Lonzo could be included in a trade package that brings New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis to the Staples Center this summer.