Cam Jordan Calls Out Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes

Tom Brady has been playing in the league since 2000. At the age of 41, he won his sixth championship title making himself the only player in the league to have as many championship wins.

While Brady’s resume talks about what a great career he has had, there are still many who don’t want to agree that Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. According to Saints defensive end Cam Jordan that title belongs to his teammate, Drew Brees.

Jordan recently did an interview with the “Good Morning Football” crew on the NFL Network and talked about who he thinks is the best quarterback in the league. He answered by saying:

“Isn’t that obvious. Year in and year out (he’s the best). He doesn’t get the MVP year in an year out, but eventually, he’s due. Who’s thrown more 5,000-yard seasons than Drew Brees?”

Nate Burleson responded by saying:

“No, it’s not obvious, because one, Tom Brady won a Super Bowl and two, wait a minute, Pat Mahomes threw for 50 touchdowns. So don’t come on my breakfast table talking about things are obvious when they’re really not.”

Then Jordan went on to say:

“We’re going to talk about how Pat Mahomes took an already playoff caliber team to another playoff. Good job. We’re going to talk about Tom Brady, who’s been winning Super Bowls. I’d like to see Tom without Bill Belichick. I don’t know. Show me something.”

Brady and Belichick joined the league in the same years, back in 2000. There is no denying that Belichick is one of the greatest masterminds when it comes to the game of football. It is thanks to him that the Patriots have had such a successful run these past nineteen years. But if Brady was not as talented as he is, then he wouldn’t have been able to do what he has done for the team.