Here’s How Patriots Spent Day After OTAs Were Cancelled

The New England Patriots are NFL champions for the sixth time in the franchise’s history. Earlier this year, with a win on Super Bowl LIII, they won their sixth Lombardi trophy. However, if you think they are satisfied with the number of wins, think again. The team has already started preparing for the next season in which they will go on a quest for win no.7.

After having minicamp last week, the team decided not to hold their final two OTAs, instead taking part in a team-building event Monday. Reporters shared that the team won’t reconvene until training camp begins, but before they left Foxboro for a few weeks, it appears they spent the afternoon in a pretty unique way. The Athletic’s Jeff Howe shared that the team went paintballing:

Last week, after day one of minicamp, head coach Bill Belichick talked about the team’s workouts and explained:

“We’re just working through it here one day at a time. We’ve got a long way to go but just have to keep moving forward and making progress, which I feel like we’re doing. Working a lot of different people, lot of different positions, different combinations, so just trying to get everybody an opportunity to learn what to do and we’ll evaluate it as soon as we get to training camp.”

The team’s quarterback also opened up about using the minicamp as an opportunity to mentor the young players and learn more himself. Brady told the reporters:

“I think a quarterback’s natural thing is to communicate and teach to a degree. But we have coaches that do all the teaching and I sit in the meetings like everyone else, trying to learn something, trying to apply something, bring it to the field or make a correction on one day and then move onto the next day and try to improve it. It’s been three days, we’ve got some stuff to learn from and it’ll probably go all the way up until the end of the year. You’re never a finished product. One thing you look at last year is how we evolve and how we grow over a certain point and you just try to keep coming out with a great process and try to get better as the year goes.”

We can’t wait for the new season to start!