Scottie Pippen Can’t Forget Kobe, He is Placing Him Above LeBron James

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen has come forward to talk about this year’s NBA Finals. With the Toronto Raptors in the finals for the first time ever, experts have been saying that Kawhi Leonard should be credited for taking them there. He joined the team last offseason and thanks to him, they have had one hell of a season.

When Pippen talked about Leonard recently, he said that the new Raptors star and former Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant are the two players who came closest to matching Michael Jordan:

“Kawhi … Did y’all forget about Kobe? They’re both great players.”

What we couldn’t help but notice is the fact that Pippen did not mention LeBron James in the discussion. However, we did expect something like this after a statement he made earlier this year saying that James acks the requisite end-of-game killer instinct Kobe Bryant and former teammate Michael Jordan were celebrated for. During that interview, he said:

“When I look at LeBron, he’s not what Michael was as a player. He’s not even what Kobe Bryant was as a player. So, when you talk about trying to compare Michael’s instinct, his ability to take over games, his ability to want to have the last shot, LeBron doesn’t have that gene. That’s not in him. Kobe has that gene. I see a little bit of it in Paul George. Kawhi (Leonard), (Russell) Westbrook. … Not too many players go on the basketball court with that… I can sit here and say today, I watched LeBron the other night. The game was on the line. And he made little or no effort to go after the ball.”

Pippen also talked about whether the Warriors’ dynasty is starting to reach, or potentially even exceed, the standard set by the Bulls during the 1990s. Dismissing the idea, he said that the Bulls have been and will be the greatest dynasty in the NBA.