Bronny James Breaking Records On Instagram In Less Than 24 Hours of Opening Account

LeBron James Junior is the son of the biggest NBA superstar of all time – LeBron James. The 14-year old has already been filling up the headlines with reports about him because he is even more talented on the basketball court than his father was at that age, experts say.

Earlier this week, LeBron senior finally lifted his social media ban on Bronny. Bronny created his own Instagram profile and the profile became hit immediately, gathering more than 1 million followers less than one day after it was created.

The same day the profile was created, LeBron went on his own profile to share the news. He posted a picture of his son with the caption: “Told him 3 years ago the summer of 2019 I’d let you him get one,” Bron said. “Damn time flies! Hahaha! Anyways let’s get Bronny! P.S. Keep y’all hating asses off his comments or we pulling up‼️‼️”

LeBron is really proud of his young son who has already started following in his footsteps. Not too long ago, he talked to reporters about his biggest dream being to play with his son in the NBA:

“I would love to see the floor with my son. My son is in the eighth grade now, if he continues on the path that he’s on right now, he could possibly be in the NBA in five or six years. That would be an unbelievable moment not only for myself but for my family, for everybody. So we’ll see. Obviously taking care of the body is number one, and we’ll continue to do that.”

Aside from Bronny, LeBron has another son, Bryce, who is also an amazing basketball player. His youngest child is a daughter, Zhuri, who is not that interested in sports yet but could become a big name like her daddy or her brothers when she grows up.