Rodney Harrison Says Rob Gronkowski Will Play Again For The Patriots

You can count the newest inductee into the Patriots Hall of Fame as one of the many who believe Rob Gronkowski will come out of retirement to play another season with the team.

Rodney Harrison recently did an interview with WEEI’s Ordway, Merloni, and Fauria, and talked about his upcoming enshrinement into the Patriots Hall of Fame. Among other things, he mentioned his belief that Rob Gronkowski will come out of retirement at some point midway through the 2019 season to help the Patriots through the stretch run. Harrison explained:

“Will he be back? I believe that he will. I believe in the second half of the season he’s going to get antsy. Right now, it’s summer time and you’re hot and everybody is on you. But, I think when you sit back and you actually start missing football and you look up and say, ‘My body feels pretty good.’ I think he’ll be back. I think there’s a possibility. But also people thought I was crazy when I said last year I would sign Rob and I would sit him the first month, month and a half of the season, maybe the first couple of months and just let him play the second half of the season, the latter part of the season to keep him healthy and fresh.”

The same was discussed by Gronkowski’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, who said that Gronkowski could be back in the league at some point. He explained:

“Rob is 29 years old. He’s still a very young man. It wouldn’t shock me if he has a change of heart if he feels great and he decides that he wants to play football. But this is just me talking. This isn’t Rob. And I don’t want to create any unnecessary expectations. Rob is a very unique personality. If the team was struggling or they needed him at some point next year, and let’s just say hypothetically Tom Brady gave him a call and said ‘Rob, I need you,’ I wouldn’t be shocked if he came back to play a few games.”

We’d love to see Gronkowski back for another season with his team!