Julian Edelman Shut Down Jets Fan Trash Talk In Front Of Saquon Barkley and Former New York star Odell Beckham Jr.

This Monday, some of the biggest celebrities gathered at the Met Gala, an amazing annual event. And of course, an event wouldn’t be an event it there if it isn’t attended by some of the biggest NFL stars.

At the Gala this year, photographers captured New England Patriots starts Tom Brady and Julian Edelman as well as Giants running back Saquon Barkley and former New York star Odell Beckham Jr. who was traded to the Cleveland Browns earlier this year.

While Edelman was leaving the Met after-party, a Jets fan began shading Big Blue. Instead of ignoring him, Edelman had the perfect response to the heckler. He said: “I’m a Jets fan too. Every time we play ’em, we win.”

We knew that Edelman was a savage but not to this extend! If this isn’t the perfect response we don’t know what is!

The fan was probably not in his right mind to say such a thing to a Patriot since the Patriots have won six straight games against the Jets. And if that’s not enough, let’s just add that the Patriots are Super Bowl champions yet again this year, winning their sixth title.

In their amazing win over the Los Angeles Rams on Super Bowl LIII, it was Edelman who was named the Super Bowl MVP. After the game, he talked to reporters about being awarded the prestigious award. Edelman said:

“It’s an absolute honor to get this award, but honestly I’m just so proud of the group of guys that we had this year. With the ups and downs that we all had, the ebbs and flows of the season, when you play a whole year you see how the team shapes up, and to see how this team grinded and worked each week, when things weren’t at their best, to constantly try and improve shows what a group of guys it was.”

With the 2019 season fast approaching, we can’t wait to see the Patriots dominate the AFC once again!