Former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams Opens Up About Killing His Limousine Driver

Jayson Williams is a former professional basketball player who played for the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets of the National Basketball Association. After finishing his career as a professional basketball player, Williams found his name back in the headlines after he pleaded guilty to assault in the accidental shooting death of a limousine driver.

A couple of years back, Williams agreed to do an interview for 60 Minutes Sports and share his side of the story. According to reports, he called himself a coward for trying to cover up the drunken “terrible accident” in which he shot his limousine driver to death.

Back in 2002, Gus Christofi, Williams’s driver, was invited to the NBA player’s after being out for the night. While giving him a tour of the house, Williams showed Christofi his gun that was supposed to be unloaded. He accidentally shot Christofi, who died from the gunshot wound. In the interview, Williams said:

“[There is] nothing I can do or say to bring Mr. Christofi back. If there was I would do it. Terrible accident and the way I acted after the accident was being a coward. That bothers me…The cover-up was selfishness…me trying to protect myself.”

After the shooting, Williams was convicted on four counts of covering up the shooting, though he was acquitted of aggravated manslaughter. He also said he was guilty of aggravated assault. 

After serving less than two years in prison, Williams was released in 2012. He entered a rehab center where he spent thirty days:

“I’ve quit trying to protect myself. I just try to live right and let the pieces fall where they may. That’s my only job, to be sober…I don’t know what happened yesterday, I know I was sober. I damn sure don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

After being treated at the center, Williams decided to volunteer there and help other that are battling the same demons that he was battling!