Former Patriots All-Pro Safety Lawyer Milloy Shares a Great Story About Tom Brady’s Rookie Season in 2000

The NBC Sports Boston Camera Guys caught up with former Patriots All-Pro safety Lawyer Milloy, who shared a never-before-talked-about story about Brady’s rookie season with the team.

The Camera Guys asked Milloy about the time he and Ty took Brady under their arm because he couldn’t get into a bar. When they asked Milloy to talk more about the days Brady used to drink beer, he went on to share a story about a dinner the team had back in 2000. He said:

“Aw man, nobody ever drank. I don’t know what you are talking about… We had a great time in Boston, we were fixtures in Boston, obviously. When he was younger, trying to be the star quarterback for the Patriots, a big part of that was being and understanding your fanbase. We got it in a couple of times or whatever.

The one story about Tommy that I really fell like he was gonna be the dog that we needed at the quarterback position was when we all went to Ricky’s for dinner… So, we’re at dinner and I think Tommy brought his sister Nancy with him. And she was looking okay and obviously, you know, Ricky and I, we were having a couple of beers, maybe some champagne, maybe a couple of shots.
Rod said something about his sister and Tommy stood up like… That’s the first time we knew Tommy was going to be a dog, he was somebody that was a fighter.”

Brady and Milloy were teammates from 2000 to 2002, when Milloy decided to leave the Patriots and sign with the Buffalo Bills. He played in the league until 2010, when he played his final season with the Seattle Seahawks.

On the other hand, Brady has spent his entire career with the Patriots. At the age of 42, he will play his 20th season with the team this fall. And just so you know, he is still the warrior-like player he was back in 2000.