Jets Say Jachai Polite Will Make Tom Brady’s Life Miserable

Each year, the best young prospects are asked to take part in the NFL Draft for a chance to earn a spot on one of the well-known teams. The first round is when the best prospects are picked. When the time comes for the third round, the players are often undersized, a little slower than a first-rounder, or maybe they come from a smaller program and haven’t been showcased much.

Another thing that could get a player to the third round is character issues or maybe even signs of immaturity or a motor that never reaches the fifth gear. But there is always someone ready to give those players a chance. That is what happened with Jachai Polite, who was just picked by the New York Jets.

In the first round of this year’s draft, they selected Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams with the third overall pick. But fans were left wondering why the team chose to spend their pick on Polite since he has been said to be “immature” during the draft process and “regrets” saying some of the things he said. He told reporters:

“This has been a long learning experience. I’m ready to go to work and get coaching and then we’ll see.”

While many would just to conclusions, we know that these young men came here because they were talented enough and willing to work in order to become even better.

When it comes to Polite, he grew up in Daytona Beach, Fla. Last year, he had 11 sacks along with 17.5 tackles for losses and six forced fumbles. However, he ran a bit slow and accused teams of “bashing me” after they interviewed him.

Polite went on to say that he regretted making the comments, and the Jets decided that he was too good to pass up. We are yet to see if he improves his attitude in the future.