LeBron James Talks First Generation Wealth and Betting On Himself

When it comes to athletes turned businessmen, there are two ways their stories go – they either lose it all or their skill for making money just gets better with age.

There are those retired athletes who have had lots of success after ending their sports careers – David David Beckham and Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Junior Bridgeman. And then there are those who are still active players but are also great businessmen –
LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant.

When it comes to LeBron James, he and his business partner Maverick Carter want to make everyone more open to talking about their financial issues, with stories about finding your career path and being comfortable talking about the ups, downs, and everything else associated with it.

According to recent reports, James and Carter’s digital media startup Uninterrupted will start a new podcast series that aims to tell some lesser-known, but no less inspiring stories of post-sports career success. They want to change the narrative around athletes and business, but also to take away the stigma often associated with discussing financial and business challenges.

It has been said that the podcast will show interviews from former athletes about their career arcs after sports. The podcast is a part of the company’s Kneading Dough podcast and video series, which is dedicated to talking to athletes about financial issues, challenges, and education. When talking about it, Carter explained:

“We look at Kneading Dough as a brand that stands for athletes being empowered to have a conversation about finances, about what they’re going to do post-career, what they think about when they’re not competing in their sport, what they’re investing in. What it shows people is that there is a way to have these discussions without it being an intimidating experience.”

We can’t wait to watch this podcast, we are sure it’s going to be awesome!