Patriots Give Tom Brady Full ‘Game of Thrones’ Makeover in Hilarious Tweet

Headlines have been filled with reports about the new Game of Thrones season that premiered last night. With everyone trying to figure out who will win Game of Thrones, the Patriots have the perfect candidate for the job. How about Tom Brady?!

The New England Patriots came up with the most amazing cross over of the popular series and the greatest quarterback of all time. They wrote: “Thomas Edward Patrick of House Brady, the Second of His Name, The GOAT, King of the Touchdowns, the Passes and First Downs, King of the AFC, Khal of the Great Grass Field, Defender of the Division, King Regent of the Six States, Mover of Chains and the Father of Lombardis. #GoTS8”

Brady has been a constant in the New England Patriots over the course of the past two decades. He is now the most accomplished player ever, having the most Super Bowl victories in the history of the league. He is the man you need to come in to throw a football made of Dragon Glass to defeat the White Walkers!

Enough Game of Thrones references for now, let’s talk football. The Patriots began their voluntary practices earlier today, but Brady was a no-show. This is not something that concerns us, given that Brady missed the workouts last year as well and went on to win another Super Bowl title at the end of the year.

This year, Brady will begin his 20th season in the NFL, also his 20th with the Patriots. He will be 42 by the time the season starts, but that doesn’t mean he is planning on retiring any time soon. He has said that he wants to play well into his mid-40s, maybe even after that if he still has it.

We can’t wait to see Brady and the Patriots back on the field in the fall!