Meet The 1st Male Patriot Cheerleader Since The Early 1980s

The New England Patriots are the most legendary team in the NFL. Over the course of the last two decades, they have been the most successful team, winning six Super Bowl titles while appearing in nine Super Bowls.

As always, the Patriots are expected to have an amazing season in the fall. We already know who they will go against in the preseason. However, something that is new is that the Patriots will have a male cheerleaders on the sidelines for the first time in years.

When talking to reporters about joining the squad, 23-year-old Driss Dallahi of Londonderry, New Hampshire said:

“Walking (into tryouts), I knew people were going to look at me — one, because I am over 6 feet tall, and two, because I am a male.”

The other male cheerleader who will join the squad is Steven Sonntag, 22, of Colchester, Vermont. He and Dallahi met at the squad’s optional workshop. He said:

“I attended that workshop and walked in and heard there was another boy, and so I was immediately looking around trying to find him. We didn’t really know the criteria for male cheerleaders auditioning for the New England Patriots, so we kind of created that together in texting back and forth.”

When asked about this change, Tracy Sormanti, the Patriots’ director of cheerleading, said:

“I was excited. Change is good. They were not selected because they were the first men to try out. They were selected because they actually had the talent.”

Dallahi also talked about what he was advised when first trying out for the squad:

“If there are people that aren’t 100 percent on board today, then maybe somewhere down the line, they are, once we actually get out there.”

Sonntag added:

“Two genders on the squad is a big step for any team in the NFL, because that’s not what people are used to seeing sidelines, so I encourage it to progress even more across the NFL board.”

We can’t wait to see these two on the sidelines!